Agent Service Connection had the absolute pleasure of joining Columbian and its top Final Expense agents at the brand new Ritz Carlton in Aruba in May of 2015, as part of the CFG Final Expense Sales Conference. The CFG team and its distribution has a unique and very special family atmosphere that ASC invites you to experience with the video and photos below. 

Welcome Reception

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Awards Dinner

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Farewell Dinner

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Our Founder and President, Alan Town, addressing some of our top Final Expense agents in Aruba, May 2015.

Columbian Life's Top Marketing Organization of 2014 delivering their acceptance speech at the Columbian Final Expense Conference in Aruba, 2015.

Columbian Life's Top Agent of 2014 delivering his acceptance speech at the Columbian Final Expense Conference in 2015.

Lillian Worthington receives the Vernon Worthington, III Standard of Excellence Award at the Columbian Financial Group's Final Expense Conference at the Ritz Carlton Aruba in May 2015.

Columbian Financial Group's Todd Swenson, VP, Special Markets & Product Research and Development, Patrick Mannion, Vice Chairman, and Gerry Hennenhoefer, VP of Sales do their best impressions of "Puttin' on the Ritz" for conference attendees at the Columbian Financial Group's Final Expense Conference at the Ritz Carlton Aruba in May 2015.